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Less than 5% of high school athletes play in college.  How many college coaches are you talking to?

Services Offered

Services Offered


*Recruiting STUDENT athletes

*Conduct recruiting seminars

*Partner with non-profit organizations that work with children, such as Boys & Girls Club

*Football camps (with more sports to be added later)

*Coaching, mentoring, guidance through the recruiting process, and personalized attention

*ACT prep and tutoring 

*College internships for students in the field's of marketing, grant writing, and business.

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Thank you to Gordon Cyr for helping Kalob Jonas get his scholarship to Henderson State University.  There was less than a month left of school, and Kalob had decided to just go to school and not play ball, because he had no  offers.  Then with one last try he went to Gordon and talked. Gordon got to work, and within a week Kalob had multiple offers.  So very thankful for the hard work and help he showed Kalob.  He worked personally with Kalob on the process and where he wanted to go and not go.  Couldn't have done it without his help.  Will forever be grateful.

Bambi Jonas   

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Introductory special for

first 20 football players.

Big news


Juniors and Seniors, especially Seniors, you still have time, but your window of opportunity is getting smaller.



*Can I sponsor Elite College Athletic Recruiting?

Yes, and it will help STUDENT athlete's family's that can't afford recruiting services, and also help pay for camps, so kids don't have to miss out.

*Is it their high school coaches job to get my STUDENT athlete scholarships?

No, that's a myth.  They work 70 to 80 hours a week, prepare lesson plans, teach multiple classes, grade papers, have parent/teacher conferenes, have 504 meetings for students with special needs, attend mandatory trainings, go to coaches clinics, drive buses to and from games, facilitate practices, coach games at multiple levels, coach multiple sports, and try to get in a little time with their family.  Think about it, if it was part of their job duties and requirements, wouldn't more than 4.5% of high school athetes go on to play in college?


*If my STUDENT athlete is good, won't colleges  find them?

No.  Colleges don't send coaches throughout the country at random in hopes of finding athletes.  Rather, they use services like this to find STUDENT athletes, then they go watch them in person, or get film on them.  When they go to a game, rest assured, they're there to evaluate a specific athlete that's been identified, NOT everyone playing.



Smithville HS, TEXAS

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Meet Colby Padgett, a Senior at Smithville High School.  He has a 3.27 on a 4 point scale, stands 5' 9" and weighs 140 lbs, and plays Mid INF/OF.  He recently scored a 24 on his ACT.  

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Smithville HS, Texas

Additional Information

 Meet Clay Padgett, a Junior at Smithville High School.  He has a 3.42 GPA on a 4 point scale, stands 5' 10" and weighs 163 lbs, and plays Receiver and Defensive Back.  He recently ran a 4.68 40 yard dash while at the Texas A & M Commerce Football Camp held at Stony Point High School in Round Rock, Texas.   

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ACT Prep Partner


Elite College Athletic Recruiting is proud to introduce our ACT Prep partner, Jen Henson.

She is a proven test prep teacher with a Master's degree in Education.  Call to inquire about what she can do to help improve your STUDENT athlete's ACT score.

Jen recently worked with a young man that scored a 14 on his ACT, and with her guidance, he  was able to make an AMAZING score of 28!!!  That's a GAME CHANGER in the scholarship world!!!  

It can also be the difference in getting accepted into a college or not.

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We are here to help change young STUDENT athlete's lives, for the rest of their lives.  We do this by seeking out hard working and deserving STUDENT athletes, we make sure they're recruitable, then help get them identified by as many college coaches as possible.  The number 1 reason high school athletes don't get recruited is because they haven't been identified.  We all know someone that should've played in college.  Don't let that be your STUDENT athlete.  Recruiting is a process; it doesn't just happen.  Make sure your STUDENT athlete stands out in the crowd by getting them started in the recruiting process. 

National Letter of Intent Signing

Let us help your STUDENT athlete find a home for NLI signing, instead of watching from the stands.

Let us help find your STUDENT athlete a home on National Letter of Intent Signing Day, instead of a seat in the bleachers.  If your STUDENT athlete can play, they have good grades, good character,  heart and determination, we can help, 512.817.0500

Make their hard work pay off


Don't let your STUDENT'S hard work in school, in their community, and on the field of play be in vain.  They've shed blood, sweat, and tears for years, so help it pay off by starting them in the recruiting process.


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